Reigate Priory Bowmen hosted their annual friendly against Malden Bowmen on August 21st 2011. This was won by Reigate Priory Bowmen with a score of 2,170 versus the 1,688 of Malden Bowmen, shooting a range of National rounds in sunny, warm and light breezes conditions. Sighters started at 14.00 and, with a 10 minute break after the first 48 arrows and mercifully few 'Fasts', the match ended at 16.45.
Malden put up a brave performance as, after one of their longbowmen had to retire early with a broken bow, they could only field six archers against our nineteen.
Long National, 2 pairs ; Malden 212 vs RPB 225 - from Andy Masters and Richard Sawle supported by Trefor Hall and Renny Woodbridge.
Long National, 1 pair ; Malden 403 vs RPB 525 - from Graeme Higgs. 
National, 2 pairs ; Malden 863 vs RPB 1,028 from Murray Hume and David Atkinson, supported by Marilyn Jones, Armita Raval,Philip Tanner and Laurence Watson.
Short National, 1 Ladies pair ; Malden 210 vs RPB 392 from Karin Scarsbrook supported by Jason Patching and Kaj Scarsbrook.
Not Pairable
Junior Nationals were shot by Sam Clark, Oskar and Reuben Scarsbrook (a total 799) while associate members shooting were Andrea Reddard (Compound, Long National, 598) and Alex Smith (Longbow, Long National, with 186).
As ever, it was a very friendly occasion. Many thanks are due - to Malden for fielding a team despite various difficulties : to the RPB archers and supporters coming in such numbers and, even when not pairable, shooting so well : to Andy Masters for the new-mown field and those helping him with the targets array ;and to all those contributing to and managing those most enjoyable aftermatch refreshments.