Fourteen archers shot, of which 7 shot York, 2 shot Hereford, 4 shot Bristol II and 1, a junior under 12, shot a Bristol IV. Four archers shot Longbow, eight shot Recurve and two shot Compound. Unhappily, one recurve and one compound archer had no handicap and had to be excluded from overall positioning.
Sighters started at 10.00 and the final round ended at 15.20 despite of a few brief showers and a strong gusting wind hampering those shooting over 50 yards. Each of the bow styles competing were represented in the first three overall positions which were separated by only four points while the winner, Murray Hume joined as a beginner this year and had just gained his first outdoor handicap.
The final handicap positions are as follows:
1st: Murray Hume 1445
2nd: Andy Masters 1444
3rd: Justin Phillips 1441
The full results can be found here.