What a scorcher, last Sunday, for our Tri-Club Shoot with Croydon and Malden. The hottest day of the year allied to a magnificent turnout, with 37 attendees actually shooting.
National rounds were shot and only the most ardent sun-worshippers would have wished to shoot more than 6 dozen arrows. The final result was very close; Malden accumulated a total of 1,569 points, we made 1,586 and the trophy was taken by Croydon with 1,594. I should make particular mention of two archers, who both shot a Long National. Jacqui Thurlow (recurve), of Malden, scored 507 and Karen Tippens (barebow), of Croydon, scored 233 – the latter a ‘Bowmen’ classification.
A big thank you to all those who attended and especially to the lovely ladies whose efforts ensured that we enjoyed a splendid tea.