RPB have taken the lead in three of the four divisions of the Postal League in November.


The Recurves in Division 2 have opened up a big lead, even beating the Division 1 teams by a significant margin in terms of total score. In Division 4, the margin is a little closer but its a healthy lead none the less.


In the Compound category, RPB's new compound team (the first team for several years) have blitzed the opposition with a starting score of 699, and again beating all the scores of the Division 1 teams. The scores for December are even better, 706, but these scores have yet to be published.


The Longbows in Division 2 have a very comfortable second place, a little behind the leaders, but there is a lot of points up for grabs, but a solid and promising start.


As thing stand, RPB look at this early stage to be hot contenders across the board.


The November 2012 results can be found here.