At the request of an RPB member, I have put together a quick report on my latest EFAA competition and national record (English Field Archery Association, part of the International FAA). Whilst RPB is not affiliated with the EFAA, I like to think I am still representing the club, even though I am officially registered as an "Independant". I even wear the RPB shirts at these shoots! It's fair to say that RPB provides a really great base for me to practice and take part in external competitions.


A few weeks ago at Panther Bowhunters in Essex, I shot a Forester round at a classification shoot and beat the current national record of 930 with a score of 995 (under the EFAA, classification shoots are shot under competition conditions but are allocated weekends in which you can gain a classification score for certain rounds). The forester round is shot on 2D images of animals from about 5 yards up to about 60 yards, but with a really small spot to aim at.


I got my certificate this weekend at the EFAA Spring Championships (more on this below).

EFAA National Record certificate

The Spring Champs is the first EFAA competition of the year, and is over two days. This year, it was the Hunter round on the Saturday (black targets with a white spot) followed by the Forester round on the Sunday, hosted by Black Eagle Bowmen in Northamptonshire. I shot below par on the Hunter round but managed to be seeded third for the head to head group on the Sunday. The format is you get allocated to a group on the second day based on your final placing on the first day. This meant I just made the top group (made up of three archers).


Having given myself a stern telling off for my shooting on the first day, I improved dramatically to win the event by only 2 points over second place, and come close to equalling my previous national record. This was a hard fought win!

Presentation of awards

This adds to my previous 3rd place at the EFAA National Field Champs and 1st at the National 3D Champs shot in 2012. Next up is the Bowhunter Champs, an unmarked 3D animal round.


If your interested on finding out more about EFAA/IFAA shoots and rounds then give me a shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..